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Eat healthily, live happily

Eat healthy, live happy

Eat healthy, live happy Eat healthy, live happy Eat healthy, live happy Eat healthy, live happy Eat healthy, live happy

Business accomplices, as well as accomplices throughout everyday life, Chingkay Alix Omega-Floro, and Mark Wayne Noel Floro, are working connected at the hip to achieve their objective to engage everybody to carry on with a solid way of life, one tallied calorie supper at once.

Everything began when Chingkay respectfully pursued her specialist’s recommendation to start a better eating routine or endure a lifetime of prescription because of her elevated cholesterol. In spite of the fact that she was obliged to eat healthy, as a gastronome and culinary expressions graduate, despite everything she needed her sustenance to be delicious and adequate. Along these lines, she reproduced some solid formulas and added some wind to them that fit her sense of taste.

Following a month of clean eating, Chingkay’s cholesterol returned to ordinary and she even shed 30 pounds. It made her fit and solid. Due to clean eating’s certain outcomes, Chingkay’s companions at that point got some information about her mystery. This urged her to begin offering checked calorie dinners through her Instagram account in 2016.

With great criticism, a staggering number of requests and developing customers, the couple chose to take the eating routine dinner conveyance business to another dimension, in this way, opening their first stand and naming it LowCal Salad + Wraps in Robinsons Cybergate in 2018. This was trailed by the opening of their first store in Robinsons Fuente just as of late. The brand offers quality and reasonable calorie-tallied dinners, because of Chingkay’s preparing and sustenance arrangement aptitudes and Mark’s ability as a previous voyage send nourishment and refreshment chief.

“We need to make solid nourishment accessible and moderate to everybody. We’ve seen individuals practicing at the Cebu City Sports Complex yet end up eating at inexpensive food chains after, which totally nullifies the point of working out. That is for what reason we’re putting forth our items as moderate as could be expected under the circumstances, with a cheap food sort of administration to stay aware of the present quick paced life,” clarified Chingkay.

LowCal Salad + Wraps’ first store in Robinsons Fuente highlights bright wall paintings both inside and outside. There’s a little window for requests to go, and a highly contrasting striped shade. As a result of its get and-go idea, the store is simply thin yet sufficiently extensive for the individuals who are hanging tight for their requests and for the individuals who want to eat in.

One must attempt its Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad, Beef Taco Salad, Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Wrap, Roast Beef Wrap, and Fresh Vietnamese Roll. Obviously, the treats are likewise calorie-checked. To include, there are additionally rice bowls using dark colored rice rather than white rice since clients have mentioned for it.

Chingkay ensured that everything the brand offers are solid, as the sustenance isn’t seared or arranged with fake flavorings, MSG and notwithstanding cooking oil.

“For our meat, we just either singe, prepare or flame broil,” she said.

Clean eating is the path to a more advantageous way of life. As indicated by Mark, “eat healthily, live glad.”

Low Cal Salad + Wraps branches are open each day from 9 a.m. until 10 p.m.

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